Our GROOVE Machine

Own the technology that creates the most effective pre-fabricated profiles in a variety of building materials the industry has ever seen. So you can create what you want at any location

Custom Solutions at Your Fingertips

Revolutionary Router Unit

The GROOVE-V Router units distinguish themselves through easily controllable router speeds, durability and strong power reserves. Thanks to our module adapter system, the units can be changed easily and safely in no time.

Lightweight + Large Working Area

Robust and durable construction ensures quality stability, and easy handling. Total work surface ranges from 96” x 48” to 144” x 54” and accommodates all standard building material boards that can be processed.

Extreme Percision

The integrated rail system allows the user easy and precise production across the work surface, whether you are cutting, milling or drilling, producing straight lines or circles. Accuracy is assured.

Electro-magnetic Brake System

Brake System: Precise router placement is assured through brakes that can be fixed on the X axis and Y axis

Premium Extraction System

Direct dust extraction allows dust particles to be captured during production, leaving a dust free profile ready to assemble.

Simple Controls

The simple monochromatic display can be set easily to the exact specifications you desire.

Technology That Leaves A Mark